March 31st World Backup Day

We all know we should back up the work we do on our computers. That information is very valuable to us and in some cases can not be replaced. We all also know that we should back up the work we do because computers do crash from time to time and once the material is gone, it’s gone forever. It really should be backed up more than once a year but if you don’t get to it, use today to backup everything you have. We are creatures of habit. If we do not set times and dates to do things we generally never get around to them.

How to celebrate – Back up your computer files today. Back up the info on your phone today. Where possible, make a hard copy of the files most important to you.


March 30th I'm In Control Day

Today is a day to proclaim you are in control of your life! The day was created back on March 30th, 1981 when Ronald Reagan was shot and Secretary of State Alexander Haig proclaimed he was “In Control”. The problem was, he really wasn’t “In control”. Even though Reagan had been gravely wounded he was still functioning as President, and of course there was a Vice-President, Speaker of the House and numerous other people that were “In Control” long before that duty fell to Haig. Haig was soon forced to resign showing in the end, he really wasn’t in control.

How to celebrate – Make sure you are the one in control before declaring it. Find out if you are in actual control of anything. Watch re-runs of Designated Survivor.

March 29th Smoke and Mirrors Day

Smoke and Mirrors is a term associated with seeing something, or not seeing something, that is there. It’s the difference between the real and what we often think is real. Smoke often blurs our vision, it covers up things that might really be there, or hides things we think might be there but aren’t. Mirrors often let us see things that are not really there, or are hidden someplace else. Mix the two together and it is the perfect cover up. Imagine a huge army staring into a mirror and seeing another army as big as they are. Add a little smoke to cover up part of that imagine and the mind sees that large army but with the possibility that more hidden out of view. It’s magic but it seldom tells the whole story.

How to celebrate – Make sure what your looking at is not blurred by smoke and mirrors. Keep in mind that smoke and mirrors can be used when writing something as well as what you see. If something doesn’t feel right it might be covered up by smoke and mirrors.

March 28th Earth Hour

March 28th Earth Hour

Today is designed to recognize what we are doing to our planet and how we need to take of it. It celebrates the World Wide Fund For Nature and requires we all turn off all non-essential electrically operated items from 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM. Of course the times will vary with where you live but the idea is clear. For an hour you can do without your computer, television and any other electrical item you are  using. It’s just an hour so I think we can all suffer through that.

How to celebrate – Do what you can to save the environment. Observe the hour of not using your electrical items. Cherish the earth, it’s the only one we’ve got.

March 27th National "Joe" Day

If your name is “Joe”, or “Jo”, then today is your day. Perhaps it is the most common American name of all time. The name has been associated with soldiers, G.I. Joe being both a toy and a name used to describe American troops by countries that do not speak English. It also refers to coffee, “having a cup of Joe”. That’s because Americans have always been known for drinking so much coffee making it as common a drink as the name Joe. There is something comforting about the name Joe. Throughout history when an American was called Joe there was a pretty good chance their name was actually Joe! It’s not all that common anymore as we have begun to name our children names no one can say or understand. Ah, back when things were easier… so maybe having a “Joe” day is remembering when life was easier.

How to celebrate – Try to remember all the Joe’s you have known. Have a cup of Joe. Look at the changes G.I. Joe has gone through.

March 26th Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

Don’t like the holidays that are already out there? Don’t think there are enough holidays out there? Well, make up your own holiday! It’s not really all that hard to do although there are a lot of holidays out there so you will need to make sure someone else hasn’t already laid claim to the day you are creating. Some days are copyrighted so you’ll have to be careful you don’t infringe on a legally obtained holiday. You also kind of need to have a decent reason for your holiday. There is a difference between decent and logical. Like today is a decent holiday but not really all that logical.

How to celebrate – Create your own holiday. Create a reason for your new holiday. Celebrate life.

March 25th Feast of the Annunciation

Well imagine you are sitting around your house not doing much of anything and an Angel appears next to you. Oh, and not just any Angel but the Archangel Gabriel. Now this is not just a social call, no… he tells you that you are going to be mother to God’s Son, Jesus Christ. Well, since you are a virgin this seems a little unlikely but who are you to argue with an Archangel? So you say “okay” and go on about your day. This is a poor representation of Mary’s day when she found out she would be the mother of God’s child. So today we celebrate that day, though we probably don’t know when the actual date was she got the news.

How to celebrate – Have a feast celebrating the good news! Read about Mary’s life. Celebrate the Joy.

March 24th National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day

I remember as a child sneaking into my grandmothers drawing room, while she and her friends played bridge, and sneaking a handful of the candy left on the corner of the table. It was always chocolate covered raisins and nuts. They even call it, Bridge Mix. Back then, since I only saw the chocolate covered raisins when they played cards I didn’t think it was available unless it was a card day. The sweet chocolate and sweet raisins was a perfect combination and of most candies, probably the best one for you.

How to celebrate – Learn how to play Bridge. Go to the movie theater and buy some chocolate covered raisins. (Might as well see a movie while you are there.) Make your chocolate covered raisins.

March 23rd National Puppy Day

Puppies are great! So full of energy and cute, they remind us of all the good things in life. Yes they have their accidents and tear a few things up they shouldn’t but for most of us, that’s just a part of loving them. When you look in their eyes they show the love they have for everyone and everything, they are only taught to fear and distrust people by what people do to them. Puppies are still learning and for the most part do want to please their masters. But they are kids and have to rebel at least a little. And just like children, enjoy them while you can because they do grow up fast. The nice thing about that is, then you have the best friend in life you could ever have.

How to celebrate – Get a puppy. Learn what kind of dog is good for your life style. Take plenty of pictures!

New Boxes Launching!

In these confusing and trying times, we are trying to stay true to the spirit of the mission of our company – interject a little fun into lives and bring families together.

With this in mind, we have some exciting news. We have decided to move up the release dates of some new boxes to our line of products.

All of these boxes, just like our others, will include items based on the offbeat, weird, and wacky holidays not typically celebrated in the mainstream, and a trivia card about those holidays.

The boxes that we are launching over the next few days:

• Peculiar Pet (for pets and their owners

• Baby, Kid and Teen versions of our Original Holiday Box – Bizarre Baby, Kurious Kids, Yeti Youngins (Teens)

• A kid’s version of our Bizarre Bibliotheca Book Box

We are hoping these boxes will help lift your spirits and give you something to do and talk about while you are stuck inside.

If you purchase more than 1 of our boxes, a multibox discount of 5% off all purchased boxes will apply.

Thank you to all our current subscribers and future subscribers for continuing to support small businesses during these times. We  you!

Happy Everyday because EVERY DAY is a holiday!!!!

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