March 29th Smoke and Mirrors Day

Smoke and Mirrors is a term associated with seeing something, or not seeing something, that is there. It’s the difference between the real and what we often think is real. Smoke often blurs our vision, it covers up things that might really be there, or hides things we think might be there but aren’t. Mirrors often let us see things that are not really there, or are hidden someplace else. Mix the two together and it is the perfect cover up. Imagine a huge army staring into a mirror and seeing another army as big as they are. Add a little smoke to cover up part of that imagine and the mind sees that large army but with the possibility that more hidden out of view. It’s magic but it seldom tells the whole story.

How to celebrate – Make sure what your looking at is not blurred by smoke and mirrors. Keep in mind that smoke and mirrors can be used when writing something as well as what you see. If something doesn’t feel right it might be covered up by smoke and mirrors.

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