April 30th National Honesty Day

How honest is the world around you? How honest are you with the world around you? It’s difficult to be honest all the time. Who do you trust to be honest with you? The Government? Your friends? Your family? Are you honest with yourself? The day was created by M. Hirsh Goldberg, a secretary to the Governor of Maryland in the 1990’s. He created the day at the end of April to offset April Fools Day at the beginning of the month. Is honesty the best policy? Today is the day to find out.

How to celebrate – Be honest with everyone you see today. Read about “Honest” Abe. Be honest with yourself today.


April 29th National Zipper Day

It’s kind of amazing that the zipper has been around as long as it has been Elias Howe created the “Continuous Clothing Closure” in 1851 but he never marketed it so people continued to button and unbutton as required. Howe’s patent was secure on April 29th, 1851. In 1893, during the Chicago World’s Fair, Whitcomb Judson introduced the “Clasp Locker”, an improved version of what Howe had created. It still didn’t catch on until Swedish scientist Gideon Sundback introduced the modern day zipper in 1913. Even then it still wasn’t called the “Zipper” until B. F. Goodrich dubbed the name in 1923.

How to celebrate – Appreciate your zipper. Imagine your life without a zipper. Sing “Zippity-Do-Da”.

April 29th World Wish Day

April 29th World Wish Day

World Wish Day started as a wish made by Chris Greicius in 1980. It didn’t take long for Make-A-Wish to form and answer the wishes on 30,000 children worldwide every year. Today is often thought of as a sad day, when we realize that those children across the world might not live to see any of their wishes come true. But in a way, it should be a happy day when we are able to provide a wish to a child they might not otherwise see. Most of the wishes are fairly simple and can be provided with a little effort. Who isn’t worth that? So make today a good day for someone, help make their wish come true.

How to celebrate – Donate to the Make-A-Wish  Foundation. Help make a wish come true. Review all the wishes Make-A-Wish has helped come true.

April 28th Kiss Your Mate Day

I think this day could talk on all sorts of different meaning depending on where you live. For example, if you are here in the US that could include anyone you love. But in Australia, it could mean something else entirely. Anyway, you’ll need to figure out who your mate is and then give them a kiss. (Hopefully this won’t require a thought) Kisses show passion, caring and the willingness to share. (And the proper use of breath mints) So pucker up, get those lips working and make it a day worth remembering. Like in that old song, a kiss is just a kiss… blah blah blah blah blah. Or something like that.

How to celebrate – Kiss your mate. (Australia can review this suggestion) Spend some time with your mate. Build a mate out of Legos.

April 27th Tell A Story Day

With all that is going on right now telling stories is a must, whether it is telling them professionally or just to get your children to go to bed. Campfire ghost stories have always been a favorite. They can be made up stories or come from books, it doesn’t matter. If you think about it, movies and television shows are nothing but stories made up (Or come from real life experiences). And so, here again, I shamelessly plug my short story, “Why the Evergreen’s Stay Green.” (Available on ebooks at Amazon) Anyway, tell your kids a good story, or adults and let them get their minds off their troubles… Lord knows, we could all use that!

How to celebrate – Tell a story. Write a story. Make up a story that tells your family history.

April 26th National Get Organized Day

April 26th – National Get Organized Day

We all could stand being a little more organized. The problem with it is that we don’t often think about getting more organized. Well now we have a day set aside for exactly that, getting organized. The problem with getting organized is that you have to become organized in order to know how to organize a day of organizing. It’s exhausting! So maybe you need to spend April 25th getting organized for your day of organizing. The other problem is that you have to organize the day with other organizations to make it a national organization movement. That’s a lot of organizing! Still, someone has to do it and the buck stops with you.

How to celebrate – Organize something. Organize an organization. Go back to bed and just forget it all.

April 26th National Pretzel Day

When we think of pretzels we often think Germany, and beer. Well, the world’s oldest snack food actually came out of France around 610 AD when Monks created the treat to represent children’s folded arms while in prayer. You can get pretzels salted, and unsalted, and in numerous different flavors today and generally speaking, while not exactly healthy, they aren’t all that bad for us. You can get hard pretzels or soft pretzels, big pretzels or small pretzels, you can even get them mixed with other snacks like popcorn, peanuts and raisins. (And you don’t have to have beer but it does make them better)

How to celebrate – Have some pretzels. Learn how to make your own pretzels. Become a Monk.

April 25th World Penguin Day

Today we celebrate the bird with class, the tuxedo wearing penguin! This is the time of year that the penguin begins to migrate north. Since penguins don’t fly they have to walk or swim to get where they are going, which takes a little longer. The penguin generally enjoy the colder weather, they have heavy layers that keep them warm. There are about a half-dozen different types of penguins, each generally staying to it’s own tribe. They are members of the Spheniscidae family. They, like many wild animals, are threatened by man’s invasion of their territories. Zoos may be the future for penguins which is sad for one of natures most cherished animals.

How to celebrate – Learn the different types of penguins. Visit penguins in the wild, but do not disturb them. Wear a tuxedo to visit them at the zoo.

April 24th National Arbor Day

Celebrate the last Friday of April, today is the day we honor trees. Actually, we honor the planting of trees. It is sponsored by the National Arbor Day Foundation and began in 1872. The Latin word for tree is Arbor. I love trees. I can’t tell one from the other nor can I tell you their names. There are the obvious ones like the Apple tree or an Oak but for the most part, I just appreciate them for being a tree. It’s roots, no pun intended, began when American’s started moving west and came to the vast sections of treeless land. As they settled the people planted trees for numerous reasons, food, shade, oxygen, shelter are just among a few.

How to celebrate – Plant a tree today. Visit a forest. Help save the rain forest.

April 23rd Lover's Day

Today is the day set aside for lover’s. Now most of us think lover’s are people who are drawn to each other but there is more to being a lover than just how you feel about another person. It applies to anything that you love, animals, plants, books, tennis, baseball, music, movies… it can go on and on. The general idea is that anything to love, love to see or love to do is celebrated today. And I suppose it is possible to love many things all at the same time. This does not include things you like a lot, you have to love them!

How to celebrate – List everything you love. Spend a little time with everything you love today. If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one your with!