April 7th Caramel Popcorn Day

Popcorn is always a good snack, and in most cases, it’s a healthier snack as well. Of course that means not adding a lot of salt and butter, even though it makes it so much better. Perhaps add caramel and make it even less healthier, but oh so,so,so much better. Cracker Jacks got it right though, caramel popcorn and peanuts, two of America’s favorite treats combined (and of course that treasured surprise!) It seems that salty/sweet snacks have drawn great interests as of late (they probably always did but we lacked the way to combine them). Today is the day to enjoy yourself, forget the diets and health foods, and have some caramel popcorn.

How to celebrate – Have some caramel popcorn. Learn how to make your own caramel popcorn. Buy some Cracker Jacks.

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