April 25th World Penguin Day

Today we celebrate the bird with class, the tuxedo wearing penguin! This is the time of year that the penguin begins to migrate north. Since penguins don’t fly they have to walk or swim to get where they are going, which takes a little longer. The penguin generally enjoy the colder weather, they have heavy layers that keep them warm. There are about a half-dozen different types of penguins, each generally staying to it’s own tribe. They are members of the Spheniscidae family. They, like many wild animals, are threatened by man’s invasion of their territories. Zoos may be the future for penguins which is sad for one of natures most cherished animals.

How to celebrate – Learn the different types of penguins. Visit penguins in the wild, but do not disturb them. Wear a tuxedo to visit them at the zoo.

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