May 3rd Lumpy Rug Day

First off, if you have a lumpy rug in your house, lift it up and make sure no one is underneath it, no animals, no toys, no long missing uncle! Most of us who have rugs get a lump or two to contend with. Normally this is no problem, you simply lift up the rug, maybe shake it out and lay it back down, lump gone. However, if it has gotten wet and left that way for a while, that lump may be difficult to get rid of. Then you need to think about working the lump out or getting a new rug. This is not rocket science! If it really bothers you that much, move to a different room!

How to celebrate – Check your rugs for lumps. Buy a new rug. If your rug is on top of your head, forget about the lumps and live with it!


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