May 12th Odometer Day

May 12th National Odometer Day

The first odometer was used on wagons in the 17th century. I am not sure why they needed an odometer on a wagon unless they were used like a taxicab meter. I guess they liked to know how far they had traveled as well. The first odometer on a car was designed by Arthur P. and Charles H. Warner of Beloit, Wisconsin in 1903. Today we read the odometer generally to see how many miles are on the car engine. We know the more miles, the quicker the engine will give out. Maybe that worked for wagons as well. It is a valuable tool for numerous reasons but thieves have learned how to alter the odometer and turn back the age of the vehicle, or wagon.

How to celebrate – Check your odometer. Learn how to get your gas mileage from the odometer. Buy an odometer for your wagon.

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