May 18th No Dirty Dishes Day

Today is not about ignoring those dirty dishes in your sink, it is about doing nothing that is going to further that collection. It’s about using paper plates you can just throw away or breaking the dishes after to have eaten so there is nothing to wash. If you intend to break them you might want to think about have Greek food and shouting “Opa” so you have a reason for breaking the dishes. Of course this means you need to have some sort of celebration like a wedding or birthday, in which case you will need a lot of dishes to break. To keep it simple, you have to prepare for today, washing your dishes the night before so you can get a jump on making no more new dirty dishes today. If you didn’t do that this time around, there’s always next year.

How to celebrate – Use paper plates today. Cook over a fire pit so you have no dirty pots or pans. Eat out today.

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