May 22nd World Goth Day

This is one of the darkest days of the year, literally! To me, Goth is nothing new, it’s revisiting the days of the vampire. Wearing black, or dark, clothing, being a pale as you can make yourself, using skeletons as adornments. It’s like having Halloween everyday! I do sort of like the steampunk side of it thought. It mixes the old with the new in fashion which can be kinda cool. I think the general idea of being Goth is being sad and letting everyone know it. Good, bad or indifferent, you are what you represent. If you are generally miserable I think Goth may be the thing for you. Though most of us spend our time trying to find happiness, if your thing is looking for sadness, well… go for it.

How to celebrate – Check out the Goth fashions. Pretend to be a vampire. Go Steampunk for the day.


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