June 9th Donald Duck Day

We all know who Donald Duck is… Daisy’s boyfriend! Donald “Fauntleroy” Duck was created for “The Wise Hen” on June 9th, 1934. It is amazing to think Donald is closing in on a hundred years old. (Yes it’s still a ways off but closing.) Walt Disney developed Donald, along with most of the rest of the Disney characters to entertain America and show different sides of people in animal form. He’s a little hard to understand from time to time but then, aren’t we all? He is one of Disney’s most loved, and imitated, characters, along with all his relatives. From his nephews to all his uncles, Donald has given us years of entertainment and fun.

How to celebrate – List as many of Donald’s relatives as you can. Watch “The Wise Hen” on You Tube. Visit Disney World or Disneyland.

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