June 13th Sewing Machine Day

Today we are celebrating that machine that has kept us clothed since the 1830’s in France, and in the US, since 1846. For years the sewing machine was a valued tool in nearly every house in the world. It has given us new clothes as well as repaired old clothes, helped us with table cloths, napkins, hats… well you name it and a sewing machine probably made it. It’s rare to find a sewing machine in homes today. It’s easier and faster to just go out and buy what we need, and in some cases even cheaper. The hours spent on making clothes at home, such as prom dresses and wedding gowns is pretty much lost today, it’s sort of sad, but life goes on.

How to celebrate – Look around and see if you still have a sewing machine. Learn how to sew. Be thankful you don’t have a sewing machine.

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