June 15th Smile Power Day

For those who are able, particularly lately, to start your day off with a smile it will be so much better for those you see and even for yourself. The smile does need to be genuine, fake smiles normally cause more problems than they help. That said, when you see someone with a real smile, one they mean it can make a rough day better for anyone who is lucky enough to view it. It’s all about enjoying the small things in life and seeing the good, instead of the bad, in the people around you. It’s all about your outlook on life, there really is a lot to smile about if you just look for it. So understand the true power of the smile and start your day off with a smile, you will be all the better for it as well a those who see you.

How to celebrate – Find something to smile about. Spend your morning doing things that make you smile. Greet others with your very best smile.

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