June 23rd Pink Flamingo Day

June 23rd Pink Flamingo Day

The Pink Flamingo was invented by Don Featherstone back in 1957. Yes, pink flamingos do exist in the world because they eat shrimp and that dyes their feathers pink, but that’s not what today is all about. It’s about that pink plastic flamingo created at the Union Products plants and sold from Leominster, Mass. Now Union Products has gone out of business and the rights to make pink flamingos sold to several other companies since then, but the city of Leominster created today to celebrate it’s claim to fame, created by Donald Featherstone. What a legacy!

How to celebrate – Buy a pink flamingo for your yard. Dress like a pink flamingo (since today is also National Pink day you can kill two birds with one stone!) Find some use for that plastic pink flamingo. Hold a Pink Flamingo Flocking Fundraiser.

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