July 3rd Compliment Your Mirror Day

This is a day we should all take advantage of. Yes we should all look in the mirror and some will be pleased, others, well… not so much, as it is nothing more than a reflection of our inner core. Okay, that’s too deep for this morning. In short, if you don’t like what you see in the mirror then change it!… or lose the mirror! Be thankful you aren’t a vampire, then you couldn’t even see yourself. Use your mirror wisely, it does show who you are but it can also show you who you can become. So if what you see is not what you want it to be you do have the power to change it! *Mirror is a metaphor for inner beauty – we are not talking about physical appearance – compliment your mirror because it gives you strength and confidence!

How to celebrate – Look at yourself in the mirror and see who others see. You can decorate the mirror to make it different but your image is still the same. Ignore the mirror and live your life.

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