July 18th National Caviar Day

Considered a snack for high society these Sturgeon eggs have been served for hundreds of years to the elite. Though the Sturgeon provides most of the “roe” other fish do provide lesser quality eggs where the black caviar is considered better than the red caviar. The best of it seems to come from Russia with some going for thousands of dollars for just few ounces. In fact, some caviar has actually put certain fish in the endangered species category since these eggs would be used to maintain the fish population in the world. While many love caviar you need to like fishy dishes to enjoy most of them. I will not be endangering the species or creating a demand for roe, so if you like it… you can have my share.

How to celebrate – If you have never tried caviar, give it a shot. Travel to Russia to get the freshest caviar. See if you like the black better than the red.

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