August 20th National Radio Day

Over the years some many people have claimed to have invented the radio that no one today actually knows when it was invented, other than it was in the late 1800’s. Before television, the radio was the chef source of news and entertainment. It has remained popular though a lot of it’s use is now limited to when people use their cars, and even then it is becoming more and more limited. Some may even remember back to Orson Welles presentation of “The War of the Worlds” on radio where many people believed the earth was being invaded by beings from another planet. There were suicides and panic before the radio networks were able to get the word out it was just a play being performed on the radio. And nearly every new phase of music has been introduced over the radio waves.

How to celebrate – Listen to a radio at some point during the day. Imagine your world without television or internet. Listen to some of the old routines available only on radio format.

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