August 23rd Ride The Wind Day

Man has tried to harness the wind for his own use since time began. The problem with that is it’s a little difficult to control how hard the wind blows. Airplanes require wind to fly, some wind they create on their own but at times the bottom drops out and even a plane can take a dip. Watch how a kite flies to get the idea. Parachuting is a newer sport using the fabric as a resistance factor against the wind, but if it blows to hard the sport becomes dangerous. Same thing with hang gliding. Sailing is safer but even then, it is possible to sit stranded with no wind to propel you along the way. It is fun to let the wind take you where it wants to go, tougher to get it to take you where you want to go.

How to celebrate – Fly a kite. Go sailing. Get a pinwheel.

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