September 30th National Mud Pack Day

Do people actually use mud packs anymore as a part of their beauty regimen? There was a time when it was all the rage but I really don’t hear about people using it all that much anymore. I assume that people heard somewhere about using mud to help remove bee and wasp stings, helping to get stinger out. It’s natural to assume that if it can remove the stinger from skin it can remove other impurities from your skin. Well whether you use mud packs or not, today is the day to celebrate that use. If you don’t use mud to make yourself beautiful, maybe it’s time to give it a try!

How to celebrate – Use a mud mask. Do you need clean dirt to make a mud mask? If it works for your face, shouldn’t you try using a mud mask on your body?


September 29th World Heart Day

September 29th World Heart Day

Today we celebrate one of those organs we just can’t live without. It’s time, if you haven’t already started, to learn how to take care of your heart. It does not do well with smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, air pollution, Chagas Disease or cardiac amyloidosis. Exercise, proper diet and conditioning are among those things that can help your heart keep working. It seems appropriate to me that the heart is associated with love since if you don’t have a heart, you aren’t going to love anyone for very long. Today was created by the World Heart Federation.

How to celebrate – Take care of your heart. Find out what foods you can eat that help your heart. Remember your heart doesn’t really belong to daddy.

September 29th Confucius Day

Confucius was born on October 18th, 551 BC. So what does that have to do with September 29th? I have no idea… in fact I found nothing that should make September 29th special for Confucius at all. That said, today is the day we celebrate his life, teachings and philosophy. Maybe the reason is found in one of his 499 famous sayings. (Why not do 1 more to have 500!?!) Anyway, he was clearly a very smart man and I assume had a lot of time on his hands to think all these things up. That doesn’t mean he actually practiced what he preached, but his ideas are considered valid even today.

How to celebrate – Read Confucius’ 499 sayings. Become a philosopher yourself. Compare Confucius to Ben Franklin.

September 28th Ask A Stupid Question Day

We are all told there is no question too stupid to ask. Well, that’s stupid to start with because, yes, there are stupid questions. The thing is, they rarely do get asked! Today was created by teachers sometime back in the 1980’s. If anyone knows what a stupid question is… it’s a teacher. But to some degree, a very limited degree, we all are teachers so we have the potential of being asked a stupid question. The choice we have to make is to whether to give a stupid answer or not. I am told that stupid question day is sometimes saved until the end of the school year when students can ask all the stupid questions they want. I think by then, we hope that the stupid questions have already been answered.

How to celebrate – Figure out a stupid question you can ask. Learn to ask yourself stupid questions so you don’t ask them out loud. Learn that it is not lways the stupid person hat asks the stupid question.

September 27th Crush A Can Day

There is something so satisfying in crushing a can. Maybe it’s our ability to control something, maybe it’s helping the environment, maybe it’s just making more room in the trash, it all works. I mean, look at Popeye! Every time he finished that can of spinach he crushed the can! You do want to make sure you have discarded the lid before crush and, of course, that the can is empty but once both of those restrictions have been met, crush away! “Tin can at my feet. Kick it down the street. That ain’t no way to treat a friend.”

How to celebrate – Crush a can. Recycle. Watch Popeye!

September 26th International Rabbit Day

You might think this day should fall on Easter but nope, it’s in September. The UK was the first to celebrate rabbits, a very loving animal that never really hurt anyone. Sure they ate gardens and destroyed crops but they didn’t mean any harm. The holiday is always celebrated the 4th Saturday of September and it is a world wide event. Rabbits make decent pets, true they are a little messy but they can be kind and gentle. But rabbits are wild animals and probably should be left in the wild (As with all animals). There are 305 domesticated breeds in the world and 13 wild species.

How to celebrate – Look for rabbits in the wild. Put food out for rabbits if you want them to come around. Be gentle with one of the most caring animals in the world.

September 25th National Lobster Day

September 25th National Lobster Day

Today is not a good day to be a lobster. (Is any day a good day to be a lobster?) There was a time when lobster in the northeast was actually pretty cheap to come by… then the world invented butter and the prices went up. It is quite a treat, in some cases a feast, and while I think most lobsters would rather be thought of as tasteless I don’t see that happening any time soon. It’s sort of funny to think that a creature that dwells on the bottom of the ocean is among those things on the top of the menu.

How to celebrate – Have a lobster today. Free a lobster today. Dress like a lobster today.

September 25th Native American Day

The first people in what has now become the United States were the Native Americans. At the time they were called Indians because the Europeans had believed they had landed on the coast of India. Most, at first, were friendly towards the Europeans or at least left them alone but they soon found themselves at war with the settlers. In fact it was the French that taught the Native Americans to take scalps. Native American bent, bowed and did everything they could to work wit the Europeans but in the end they were not able to. We all share the shame for not honoring those who were truly meant to be here. The fourth Friday of September was chosen to honor the Native American back in 1939 by Governor Cutbert Olsen of California. it grew nationally, boosted by then Governor Ronald Reagan of California in 1968.

How to celebrate – Realize what was taken from the Native Americans. Visit a Native American tribal celebration. Check and see if you have any Native American blood in your family tree.

September 24th National Cherries Jubilee Day

Cherry pie filling, vanilla ice cream and either Cognac or Brandy, normally served flaming, this is Cherries Jubilee. So in figuring out the name is pretty simple, it’s cherries served up fancy like a party in a dish! Of course the brandy or cognac burns off pretty quickly leaving a dessert that even children can enjoy and frankly, you don’t have to serve the dish flaming so you could even leave the booze off. It is believed the dish was created by Auguste Escoffier for Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in 1897.

How to celebrate – Have a cherries jubilee. Read about the Diamond Jubilee. Create your own holiday so you can serve cherries jubilee.

September 23rd Checkers Day/ Dogs in Politics Day

In 1952 Richard Nixon, then candidate for Vice President, was accused of taking a bribe… it was a dog given to his daughters. The dog’s name was Checkers and it was valued at a thousand dollars. (Some expensive dog for 1952!) Nixon, instead of fighting the accusations by the democrats, went to the public giving a speech about the dog and his children, on September 23rd, 1952. It is considered one of the best speeches ever given and Nixon kept the dog and won over the American people as well. Was it a bribe? Who knows, who cares? It was a dog and children, both who loved each other.

How to celebrate – Read about politics in 1952. Learn about Checkers the dog. Who is your “dog” in the race?