September 28th Ask A Stupid Question Day

We are all told there is no question too stupid to ask. Well, that’s stupid to start with because, yes, there are stupid questions. The thing is, they rarely do get asked! Today was created by teachers sometime back in the 1980’s. If anyone knows what a stupid question is… it’s a teacher. But to some degree, a very limited degree, we all are teachers so we have the potential of being asked a stupid question. The choice we have to make is to whether to give a stupid answer or not. I am told that stupid question day is sometimes saved until the end of the school year when students can ask all the stupid questions they want. I think by then, we hope that the stupid questions have already been answered.

How to celebrate – Figure out a stupid question you can ask. Learn to ask yourself stupid questions so you don’t ask them out loud. Learn that it is not lways the stupid person hat asks the stupid question.


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