Oct 12 National Old Farmers Day

The oldest profession known to man has to be the farmer. If it was not for them, none of us would be here and there wouldn’t be any other professions!

I think farming is often not referred to as a profession, that is sad. These men, and women, have to know a lot to be able to provide others with the food and materials they require! They do not go to fancy meetings with champagne and caviar, they do not hold large meetings with stock brokers and accountants, they do not wear the latest fashions or make the internet go crazy with the latest fad. They provide life.

My father was a farmer for nearly 30 years of his life (actually a little longer), and I have never known a harder worker, ever. Farmers had to be inventors and pathfinders, explorers and businessmen, warriors and community leaders, long before any of those jobs were led by “professionals”. And you’ll never find a farmer that is not wise.

The entire world operates off the farmers’ seasons, daylight savings was established because of farmers, work days were formed because of farmers, and cities were built where farms could supply enough food for people to live.

Apparently Old Farmer’s Day has been celebrated since the mid 1800’s. The days do seem to vary probably because of the regions people live in. October generally becomes the time of year when crops are harvested and the farmer is set to work with limited time to bring in the fields.

How to celebrate – Thank any farmer you may happen to know, they are truly the ones who settled this, and every other, country. Spend a day in one of those “you pick” farms and see what it’s like to be a farmer for a little while. Learn the value of the farmer, it is rapidly becoming a lost art.

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