October 21st Count Your Buttons Day

Now I know we have all been bored with having to stay in our homes and limited contact with others but when you have to resort to a day like today things really get sad. Today is, Count Your Buttons Day and apparently it serves no purpose other than to try and help you find a way to entertain yourself. This can be a problem if you tend to wear t-shirts. Then you might find yourself counting other people’s buttons and that is just “Wrong”.

How to celebrate – Count how many buttons you are wearing today. Find something, anything else to do. Start a button collection that you can bring out and count.

October 21st Apple Day

October 21st Apple Day

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well, not really but eating apples is healthy! There are dozens of different types of apples. They change in size, flavor and even color. When you go to a grocery store you generally get a very small sampling of apples, the most popular and the most requested. October is always a month filled with celebrating the apple. They are ripe now and time to be picked. Remember, twist them, do not pull them off the tree. Today was founded in 1990 at Covent Garden but the apple has been celebrated for centuries. Most orchards celebrate by having rides and a festival so if you are lucky enough to be near one, you can enjoy the apple in more ways than one.

How to celebrate – Learn the different types of apples. Visit an Apple Orchard. Have your own festival to celebrate the apple at your house.

October 20th International Sloth Day

October 20th International Sloth Day

Okay, so slow down today and study the sloth. They don’t waste a lot of energy getting anywhere fast but then, why do they need to get anywhere fast anyway? They are cute animals, abused as most animals are and not exactly a house pet. Still, like all creatures in the world they serve a purpose. Today was created in 1996 by AIUNAU, an animal group determined to protect animals all across the world. They can live 20-30 years if not disturbed but are easy prey to hunters. They are primarily found in Tropical Rainforests in Central and Southern America.

How to celebrate – Visit a Rainforest. Help protect animals. Protect nature.

October 20th International Chefs Day

It may surprise you but International Chefs Day was created in South Africa in 2004 to help educate children about eating healthy. Dr. Bill Gallagher, the “Godfather of all Chefs” created today because he wanted all the top chefs to teach something healthy, and tasty. Chefs are aware of the value of eating healthy and they know the best foods to eat. That doesn’t mean they always provide them, but they are capable of providing a healthy diet. Today, every chef in the world should provide their idea of a healthy meal that they think everyone will enjoy. Maybe put the recipe on the internet and teach everyone how to make the dishes. Then, we all can enjoy eating them!

How to celebrate – If you are the chef of your home, provide a healthy meal today. Make a list of all the chefs you can name. Try dishes from a chef in every country in the world.

October 19th Evaluate Your Life Day

Here’s a fun day! It’s time to evaluate your life. Has it been worthwhile? Does it have meaning? Have you contributed more than you’ve taken? I’m not sure this is a good idea considering what we are already dealing with. Wellcat.com created the day.

How to celebrate – Make a list of all the things you have contributed to life. Make a list of everything you have taken from life. Go back to bed and wake up tomorrow.

October 18th No Beard Day

Remember beard day not so long ago? Well forget it now because today is no beard day. I wish they’d make their minds up! Just when you get a really good beard started it’s time to take it away. Who makes these choices? So I know there are people out there that don’t like a beard, they are scratchy and can look a little ratty if not kept up. But come on, putting in all that effort to grow it just to get rid of it today. Oh well, easy come, easy go. It’s hairy out there, lets all do what we can to smooth things out!

How to celebrate – Get rid of your beard. Grow a beard just so you can get rid of it today. Take pictures of the before and after.

October 17th Sweetest Day

Okay, so like we needed another excuse to eat more candy and sweets. Well, add the third Saturday in October as another reason to celebrate something sweet to eat. The day was created by Herbert Birch Kingston in Cleveland, Ohio in 1922. This day originally was created to get sweets to those who could not afford them but as with most well intended ideas, it found a life of its own. So it’s sort of a mini Valentine’s Day today with the exception that it includes all kinds of sweets, not just candy.

How to celebrate – Give something sweet to someone you love. Provide something sweet to those who cannot afford them. Make someones life sweeter.

October 16th National Dictionary Day

October 16th National Dictionary Day

We all know just how important a dictionary is. My biggest problem is when you ask someone how to spell a word and they tell you to look it up in a dictionary it’s a bit unhelpful. You need to know how to spell the word to look it up! Noah Webster is credited with creating the dictionary used in America in 1758. Of course we’ve added a lot of words since then, some that probably should not have been added but just ignore those. If you want to grow your vocabulary try joining the Grandiloquent Word of the Day organization. They will send you a new word every day to add to what you already know. That means that in a year, you’ll have another 365 words to use that no one else understands!

How to celebrate – Read a dictionary just for fun. Try looking up a word you don’t know! (Might be a challenge here) Create your own dictionary using your own made up words.

October 16th World Spine Day

October 16th World Spine Day

Today is all about back health. If you have ever hurt your back you already know it pretty well prevents you from doing anything. The experts say that 1 out of every 4 people will hurt their back in such a way it alters their lifestyle. The day was created by the National Action Networks in 2012 which is now the Global Alliance for Musculoskeletal Disorders. We kid about days like this but it really is a day to be aware of just how important your back is to you.

How to celebrate – Study the back so if you are hurt, you know where the pain comes from. Do exercises that strengthen your back. Get a massage.

October 16th Bosses Day

We all have a boss in our lives, even if we don’t have a job! Well today is the day we celebrate them and give them their due. There may be times when you don’t like them all that much but then, you don’t have the same responsibilities that they have or the same goals they must attain. The higher you get on the work chain the more that is expected of you. Today was created by Patricia Bays Haroski who honored her boss at State Farm Insurance in Illinois in 1958. She registered it with the Chamber of Commerce making sure the day was recognized. Of course her boss was her father so it wasn’t all that difficult for her to show her affection for her boss.

How to celebrate – Honor your boss (Like them or not) . Try to understand the demands placed on your boss. Try to honestly see yourself as your boss sees you.