November 30th National Mason Jar Day

Today is Unboxing the Bizarre’s own day, National Mason Jar Day. It celebrates the invention of the screw of lid, and more importantly the rubber sealed lid, that was created by John Landis Mason. Patent number #22186. Before Mason’s invention people stored food but it was often contaminated because air could get inside the can or jar being used. Mason figured out a way to keep the flavor in while preventing germs and bacteria from getting inside. Today the Mason jar is widely used all over the world and not just for canning.

How to celebrate – Buy some Mason Jars. Count how many Mason Jars you already have in your house. Decorate your home with Mason Jars.


November 30th Stay At Home Because You Are Well Day

I am not sure this day really applies anymore. It’s another one of those really useful days created by the people at Wellcat but with the virus threatening us at every turn and many people working from home this days it seems sort of pointless. Yes, it use to be we would stay home from work when we were sick and the idea was to stay home when you could actually enjoy the home you have created. Now a lot of us stay at home way too much! So many choices, so few places to go! Perhaps today should be stay at home because you have to day!

How to celebrate – Take the day off from work. Go into work because you are well today. Love your home.

November 29th Square Dance Day

“Swing Your Partner. Dosey Do!” Ah, the Square Dance, a truly American dance. Well, maybe not. It appears that squaring dancing comes from traditional dances in Ireland and Scotland, brought over when America was forming. Apparently, the only true American addition to the dancing came when a “Caller” was added to the dance, probably to announce and instruct the dancers as they learned the new variations. It’s appropriate it comes after Thanksgiving as we need to lose those added pounds we gained.

How to celebrate – Learn how to square dance. Learn how to become a “Caller”. Get yourself one of those fancy outfits even if you don’t square dance.

November 28th Red Planet Day

Of course the Red Planet is Mars but did you know the planet is probably not really red? It appears Red to us because of the filters used to take pictures of it. Today remembers the first spaceship launch to view Mars closer, the Mariner 4. It was launched November 28th, 1964, traveling to 6,118 miles off the surface of Mars on July 14th, 1965. Today there is renewed interest in reaching Mars and seeing if there is anything of use there for mankind.

How to celebrate – Set up a telescope and see if you can find Mars. Read about NASA. Read about all the planets in our Solar System.

November 27th Pins And Needles Day

Most of us have heard the phrase “Being on Pins and Needles” and associate with being excited about something and having to wait for it. Did you know that the saying comes from a Broadway show though? The International Ladies Garment Workers Union produced Harold Rome’s play in 1937 about the garment industry. There were 1108 performances of the pro labor play before it went dark.

How to celebrate – Visit Broadway. (Yes, I know it’s still closed but then, so is the play!) Write your own Broadway play about something you feel passionate about. Read about the labor unions in the 1930’s.

November 26th Thanksgiving

If you haven’t heard yet, today is Thanksgiving in the United States. You know, when the Pilgrims and Native Americans found something in common, the fact that they both liked to eat! That was back in 1621 and it has been celebrated nearly every Thursday 25th since then. No, wait… they forgot about it in the 1700’s and most of the 1800’s but since then it’s been celebrated nearly every November 26th. Well, not so quick… it may not have been officially recognized by Congress until 1941, just before Pearl Harbor was bombed. So really, it’s a pretty new holiday, observing something very old. But we really should be thankful for all our blessings and stuff our faces for at least one day because Lord knows, we don’t often do that!

How to celebrate – Dress up like a Pilgrim or Native American, you choice. Find a really long table to serve your meal on. Seriously, be thankful for what you do have.

November 25th National Parfait Day

So what’s the difference in a parfait and a sundae? Heck if I know! A parfait is normally made with ice cream, whipped cream, flavoring syrups and nuts… a sundae is normally made with ice cream, whipped cream flavoring syrups and nuts. Oh, I know the difference! A parfait is served in a fancy cup… since it’s a fancy word for sundae it deserves being served in a fancy glass. Well, fancy glass or not you deserve something special today, I have no idea why but you do, so treat yourself.

How to celebrate – Have a parfait today. Make some sort of an original parfait today… maybe use vegetables. Try yogurt in place of ice cream, it doesn’t make it healthier as once thought but it makes it creamy.

November 24th All Our Uncles Are Monkeys Day

If you are Charles Darwin you will particularly enjoy today. It gets into Evolution and Darwin’s theory written in his 1859 book, “On The Origin Of Species” Perhaps this explains that long lost relative that appeared out of no where! Personally I find the idea a little insulting, not because we may all come from monkeys but because apparently there were no aunts, just uncles studied. To many Darwin’s theory was either proven by Donald Johanson’s and Tom Gray’s discovery of “Lucy” in 1974 or debunked. Either way you do have to admit we humans and monkeys do have a lot in common beyond our love of bananas!

How to celebrate – Invite Uncle Bonzo to lunch. When you visit the zoo watch the monkeys watch you. Go Ape today.

November 24th Sardine Day

November 24th Sardine Day

Okay, so an awful lot of people out there don’t like sardines. Or anchovies. Or any other tiny little fish. But did you know they are really good for you? They contain 13% of your daily requirement for B2, .25% of niacin, 150% of vitamin B12. They also contain phosphorus, calcium, iron, selenium, omega, 3 good fatty acids, vitamin D and protein. All that in that tiny little can! So hold your nose and down a can a day and think just how much better off you’ll be! And it makes for a cheap lunch too! Eat them with crackers and you won’t even notice that odd crunch as you eat their bones.

How to celebrate – Have some sardines! Make yourself a sardine smoothy. Put some sardines in your kids PB&J and tell them they are potato chips.    

November 23rd National Espresso Day

Need to get your day started with a charge! Have an Espresso! Similar to the Capuccino, the Latte and the Macchiato the Espresso became a very popular coffee drink after Luigi Bezzera invented the Espresso machine in Italy in 1901. It is a finer ground coffee, full of flavor with a foamed topping and in most cases sort of like starter fluid for the mind. Normally one is enough to get your day started and wake up your mind. Of course if one is not enough, you can always have a double espresso! Naturally you can have an espresso any time of the day, may not at night before going to bed, but otherwise… have at it!

How to celebrate – Have an espresso. Get an Espresso Machine. Learn how to grind your coffee correctly.