November 1st National Author’s Day

The idea of today began back in 1928 when Nellie Verne Burt McPherson got the idea there should be a National Author’s Day. Her Bement Illinois Book Club endorsed the day in 1929 and the U.S. Department of Commerce made it official in 1949. Now there’s something to write about! Or read about, which ever the case may be. Authors do need a day to celebrate what they have accomplished, far too often their books are read by one or two people even after the writer has put years into their craft. It’s so often all about running with the herd, providing what people think they want to read rather than learning something from what they should read. And now for the shameless plug of my own short story, “Why The Evergreen’s Stay Green” available on Amazon e-books.

How to celebrate – Support an author and read their book. Write your own book. Take an author to a library.

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