November 8th Dunce Day

Leave it to the Scots. It was November 8th, 1308 when Medieval scholar Duns Scotus died after giving his Dunce Cap to the world. Now we know the Dunce Cap as a punishment for doing something stupid but Scotus believed that his cap actually helped children, or adults, learn. The idea behind it was that information entered the cone at the point on the top and filtered down into the brain of the person wearing the cap. Ah, so, who is the dunce now!?! Of course today we all know it was given to children who did something stupid in class, that was a long time ago, now if they do something stupid we give them a cookie and send them on their way. My how the world has changed.

How to celebrate – Read about Duns Scotus. Create your own Dunce Cap. Go sit in the corner.

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