November 24th Sardine Day

November 24th Sardine Day

Okay, so an awful lot of people out there don’t like sardines. Or anchovies. Or any other tiny little fish. But did you know they are really good for you? They contain 13% of your daily requirement for B2, .25% of niacin, 150% of vitamin B12. They also contain phosphorus, calcium, iron, selenium, omega, 3 good fatty acids, vitamin D and protein. All that in that tiny little can! So hold your nose and down a can a day and think just how much better off you’ll be! And it makes for a cheap lunch too! Eat them with crackers and you won’t even notice that odd crunch as you eat their bones.

How to celebrate – Have some sardines! Make yourself a sardine smoothy. Put some sardines in your kids PB&J and tell them they are potato chips.    

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