December 8th Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day

Today you can pretend to be a time traveler. Well you have to pretend because time travel isn’t possible… at least yet. The idea of time travel isn’t anything new. It first appears in Hindu mythology followed up by a mention in the Talmud in Japan. Even Charles Dickens used the idea of time travel in “A Christmas Carol”. The spirits of Christmas past, present and future involved the idea of traveling back, and forward, in time to see where Scrooge had been and where he would wind up if he did not change his ways. It did not win a day of its own until 2007 via the Koala Wallop Online Community.

Perhaps you could travel back in time and become a Knight, fighting dragons and rescuing fair maidens all over the land. Or maybe you could be one of the fair maidens!

Or maybe you could be at the birth of our nation, rowing George Washington to his victory at Trenton. Of course, you’d have to be careful not to change anything around you because it could change history itself! Maybe you could be one of Washington’s female spies, but you’d have to be careful not to divulge anything that might actually alter time with information you found out.

And then there is the Civil War era where you could be a General in charge of an army. You could fight only those battles that you knew your side won because you read the history of the conflict. Of course, that might change the past as well.

And if you are going to travel in time you can go forward as well and back. With the way we are treating the earth we may need to find another planet to live on. If you travel forward in time you could find a planet that could house us all and the savior of mankind. But you’ll have to wait until we figure out how to travel in time. To bad you can’t go forward in time to see if we ever figure it out!

How to celebrate – Imagine living in your favorite era. Imagine the good, and the bad, because not everything will be perfect. Read a book about traveling in time. The odd thing about that is that a lot of the books written in the past about time travel have actually seen a lot of what they envisioned come true. Watch one of the many movies or television shows about time travel.

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