January 31st Inspire Your Heart With Art

There is no doubt that art moves people. Sometimes it lifts us up and inspires us, at other times it leaves us scratching our heads and wondering why any one would waste their time doing that. It is true, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, art comes in so many forms I am sure you can find one that you enjoy. Paintings, photographs, music, business deals, food dishes… even detailing a car can be art. In fact, nearly anything anyone can do or make is an art. So share your art with others and enjoy theirs, you’ve got nothing to lose and an entire other world to start enjoying.

How to celebrate – Make a list of what you consider art. Visit a museum of art. Create.


January 30th National Seed Swap Day

Kathy Jentz, the editor and publisher of the Washington Garden Magazine , started this day on January 26th, 2006. While it’s a great idea, it’s not really new however. Seeds have been used forever as barter items. You give me the seeds I need and I’ll give you the seeds you need to grow more, and better, product to sell on the market. Today seeds are more readily available than in the past but sometimes there are some you might like to have that you don’t. So today look for those places you can swap seeds you have for those you might want and if you can’t find one… start your own seed swap meetup.

How to celebrate – Save those seeds you think are useless to you. Make a list of those things you’d like to grow if you can get the seeds. Start your own garden.

January 29th National Puzzle Day

Puzzle are apart of our everyday life. Some are simple to solve, others more difficult. making lunch is a puzzle if you haven’t got any idea what to make. of course there are math puzzles and word puzzles but probably the most popular is the Jigsaw Puzzle. I remember spending hours working on puzzles as a kid. It was always more fun to do it with friends or family, actually it was probably more fun spending time with them than doing the puzzle. I do wish I had saved some of those puzzles now as pleasant memories spent with good people.

How to celebrate – Get together with the family and put a puzzle together. Think about all the puzzles in life. Do a family puzzle.

January 28th Data Protection Day

January 28th Data Protection Day

This day was created by the Council of Europe in 2006 and called “Convention 108” in an attempt to make sure that all the data gathered on people was kept private and out of the hands of those who might abuse it. What a great idea! Didn’t seem to actually take but at least they tried. The rest of the world call it “Privacy Day” but it hasn’t really worked any better outside of Europe either. It is amazing what data is collected and sold about you, maybe they know you better than you know yourself!

How to celebrate – Appreciate the effort to protect you! Make sure you protect yourself, don’t just leave it up to governments. Study the corruption in all of government   

January 28 Fun at Work Day

There are those bosses that believe when one is at work it should be labor intensive and humor belongs outside the work place. These are bosses that generally have a high turn-over and progressively get less and less stuff done. It is natural for people to want to laugh and enjoy themselves, that being said it is natural that those desires lead to the work play environment.

A good boss realizes that people spend a great deal of time at work and to make them more productive, being somewhere they want to be instead where they have to be, will enhance their business.

Businesses that have family picnics, fun based incentives and actual playtime for the employees, thrive.

So if you are the boss, take the time to show the employees that you care about them. Give them a reason to laugh and enjoy what they do. They’ll want to spend more time at work then and if you show you care about them, then they will care about you and your business.

How to celebrate – Have fun at work and if you are an owner of a business plan a years worth of events that make your employees want to come in and see what the next day brings instead of sending them home wishing they could have the day off.

January 27th Punch The Clock Day

Time clocks at worked are still used at work but not as much as they use to be. It use to be nearly every workplace had a time clock an employee had to punch into to when they came to work, went to lunch, got back from lunch and when they went home for the day. If the clock showed they came in a minute or two late, the employee was docked pay and rarely, if ever, if they stayed late were they paid more. N ow someplace still have time clocks, most don’t. I’ll leave it to you if that’s a good thing or not.

How to celebrate – If you don’t have to punch in through a time clock, be thankful. Use a time clock to time your kids doing their homework. Remember to set your alarm.

January 27th National Punch Clock Day

January 27th National Punch the Clock Day

The time clock was invented by Willard Bundy in 1888 in Auburn, New York as a way to better keep track of his employees work schedule. At the time (Pun intended) it seemed like a great idea. Employees punch into the clock when they arrived, punched out for lunch and such and then back in when going back to work. Finally they would punch out when they left for the day. In theory this worked out great, until it was figured out that those employees had to remember all the steps to make it work. Since then, you don’t see a punch clock being used much anymore, which is probably a good thing.

How to celebrate – Read about the punch clock days. If you still have a punch clock at work, don’t forget to use it! Find a job where you are trusted.

January 26th Spouses Day

Remember all that effort you use to put into Valentine’s Day? Well most of that came before you got married. So how about afterwards? That’s sort of what Spouses Day is. It lets you reflect how much you still love that person and how much they really mean to you. I’m as guilty as the next person of letting a lot of that romance go, and with it Valentine’s Day is a good reminder of all the effort before marriage. Spouses Day is a day to think about all they continue to do for you, and you for them.

How to celebrate – Take your spouse to lunch today. Plan a romantic get away for today. Just spend time with your mate.

January 25th Opposite Day

Boy, do I hate this day! I use to work with the school system and whenever this day came around it was horrible. Beside the underwear being worn on the outside, which was gross, no meant yes and stop meant walk. It led to all sorts of issues meant to be funny, but didn’t end up that way.

How to celebrate – Do everything opposite if the way you would normally do them today. Have supper for breakfast. Forget today and get on with your life.

January 24th Compliment Day

We all can find the faults in each other, and in ourselves. Today is the day to look for the good things in people and I am sure we can all find things we like about each other. The one, however, that we really need to find something to compliment is ourselves. We more often than not find things wrong with ourselves that we tend to hang on to. Try starting the day by complimenting yourself. Today was created by Kathy Chamberlin and Debby Hoffman both of New Hampshire. You think maybe they called each other to share their compliments today back in 1998?

How to celebrate – Finding something to compliment someone on. Make your greeting a compliment. Make a list of things you like about yourself.