January 20th National Cheese Lover Day

Who doesn’t love cheese! Well, may those lactose intolerant, but the rest of us do! It is believed cheese was discovered, perhaps by accident, in either present day Poland or Arabia. That narrows it down a bit. Perhaps closing it a little bit it was somewhere between 7,500 and 8,000 B.C.. There are between 900 and 1400 types of cheese, they are supposedly divide by the texture of the cheese. For some reason, it seems the worse they smell the better they are. They also seem to be better when combined with wine, if you like wine. So get some smelly cheese and fix a glass of wine, do they still make Ripple?, and have a party!

How to celebrate – How many types of cheese can you name? Think of everything you can put cheese on. Have a cheese tasting party.


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