January 28 Fun at Work Day

There are those bosses that believe when one is at work it should be labor intensive and humor belongs outside the work place. These are bosses that generally have a high turn-over and progressively get less and less stuff done. It is natural for people to want to laugh and enjoy themselves, that being said it is natural that those desires lead to the work play environment.

A good boss realizes that people spend a great deal of time at work and to make them more productive, being somewhere they want to be instead where they have to be, will enhance their business.

Businesses that have family picnics, fun based incentives and actual playtime for the employees, thrive.

So if you are the boss, take the time to show the employees that you care about them. Give them a reason to laugh and enjoy what they do. They’ll want to spend more time at work then and if you show you care about them, then they will care about you and your business.

How to celebrate – Have fun at work and if you are an owner of a business plan a years worth of events that make your employees want to come in and see what the next day brings instead of sending them home wishing they could have the day off.

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