February 28th Public Sleeping Day

I’m willing to bet that whoever invented today, which we have no details on, liked to grab a quick nap at work when they could. Sleeping in public can be dangerous. You never know who might pass by and what they might do to you. So with that in mind, you might want to find a partner who will stay awake while you sleep and then you can return the favor when it’s their turn. And lets all hope you don’t snore or drool when you sleep because that can lead to entirely different issues. And if you do decided to celebrate today, get yourself some sunglasses to try and hide your lack of activity.

How to celebrate – Take a nap in public. Get a good guard dog. Suggest nap time at work like they do in pre-school for children. (We could all do with a good nap)


February 27th Open That Bottle Night

Finally, a night to celebrate instead of a day! This holiday always falls on the last Saturday in February and was created by Dorothy Gaither and John Becher in 2000. Why? Because, “it’s five o’clock somewhere”. Now I have to admit when I first heard of today my mind went instantly to those bottles of wine or alcohol that are like 500 years old that no one opens until just the right occasion. But nope, this is just about opening any bottle and getting busy drinking. At least it suggests that you wait until night to do it.

How to celebrate – Open a bottle! Drink with a friend. Nothing says that bottle has to be alcoholic so open any bottle you choose!

February 26th Tell A Fairy Tale Day

Fairy Tales are generally saved for children but they needn’t be. We all like a story that ends with a happily ever after. There does seem to be a little difficulty determining what makes a Fairy Tale, a Legend, a Myth or just a Story. I’m not sure there is a scientific way to determine one over the other, although there probably is and not all Fairy Tales are intended to end happily. The Grim Brothers wrote their Fairy Tales because they hated children and wanted to scare them. So that sort of flies in the face of “Happily Ever After”. Then there are Stories like Camelot that meet the requirements of all the categories. It is a legend, as it contains some truth; myth because of magical creatures and people; a fairy tale because it has a Happy Ever After ending (well kind of), and of course, it is a story.

How to celebrate – Determine your best example of a Fairy Tale. Write a new Fairy Tale. Read a Fairy Tale.

February 25th Pistol Patent Day

Samuel Colt patented his design for the pistol in Europe in 1835 and then in the US in 1836. It is patent #138. The problem is, it isn’t really a pistol, it’s a revolver. The revolver has a cylinder that spins the next bullet in place to be fired, the pistol either automatically feeds the bullet or, as in the older flintlock pistols, fires only one shot. Why does this matter? Well in the long run it really doesn’t, we all know what pistol means, a hand weapon usually for personal protection. But if Samuel Colt really did patent the pistol when it should have been a revolver, then maybe neither patent is actually legal?

How to celebrate – Design your own pistol and try and patent it. Go target practicing. Take a course on learning how to use a pistol.

February 24th World Bartender Day

Not everyone can make the perfect drink but if anyone could, it would be your local bartender. While I have never found a place like “Cheers” of TV, I am sure they do exist, where the bartender becomes a friend and listens to all your problems and offers sound advice. Why you would go to a bar to get good advice is a little curious to me but let’s play along. If you are friends with everyone there the moment you walk in the place, perhaps you may be visiting a little too often. And if you think those salted peanuts are on the counter just to be friendly, think again… salt makes you thirsty! It is true, however, that a good bartender is an artist, knowing when enough is just enough.

How to celebrate – Learn how to become a bartender. Learn how to make a number of mixed drinks. Test several bartenders by asking for you favorite drink and see how different each one makes it.

February 23rd Tennis Day

“Tennis anyone”? Today we celebrate the game of tennis. No one seems to know why but that’s okay, do we really need a reason? It may have come from Walter Wingfield in 1874 after he had design the lawn tennis version of the game. It is a sport that requires a great deal of skill if played correctly. Perhaps why I do not play it correctly. It keeps you fit, me a little more so as I have to run after all those tennis balls that got away! You really don’t need a lot of equipment either. A Tennis Racket, tennis balls, a fancy tennis outfit, tennis shoes, head band, sunglasses, a court, a net… well, that ought to get you started.

How to celebrate – Play tennis! Buy a tennis court. Just get the outfit and make it look like you play.

February 22nd Be Humble Day

“Oh Lord it’s hard to be humble, when you’re perfect in every way”. That’s a song by Mac Davis, meant to be a joke of course but there are a lot of people that take themselves way to seriously to even know what the word humble means. If you are good at something it doesn’t require telling everyone just how good you are. It’s good to have pride but you don’t have to tell everyone just how good you think you are. let them learn it for themselves by watching you and seeing things for themselves. Being humble means you have the ability but don’t flaunt it… even if you are perfect in every way.

How to celebrate – Make a list of those who you think are not humble. Realize that no matter how good you are there is probably someone better. Know your faults.

February 21st Card Reading Day

When I first saw this day my head instantly we to the Tarot Cards used by many to tell their future. But then I thought about the greeting card companies. Oh, and then there are business cards, baseball cards, playing cards… when you think about it there are a lot of cards one could read! I think the intent was linked to greeting cards though. Which are sort of a lost art. Those cards use to arrive every Christmas and birthday and for special announcements, but they come few and far between these days. So maybe today you should look in your box of memories and see if there are any old cards there you can re-read.

How to celebrate – Go to your local Hallmark store. Send out cards for no reason at all. Create your own greeting card.

February 20th Love Your Pet Day

Why have a pet if you aren’t going to love them? They pretty much love you whether you are nice to them or not. I do love animals, and I have lot of them – cats and dogs (all rescues). Not so thrilled about snakes as pets but I do understand a lot of people love their snakes. You should show your pet love everyday, but maybe love them a little extra today. More treats, more hugs and though they probably don’t understand what you are saying, they do love it when you talk to them.

How to celebrate – Love your pets. List as many pet types as you can without looking. Adopt a pet if you get a chance.

February 19th National Chocolate Mint Day

Well, if you like chocolate and you like mint it only seems natural to put them both together. Chocolate mint has probably been around since the day Columbus first sent chocolate back to Europe from the newly discovered Americas. (That’s the late 1400’s for those of you who forgot.) Oddly, the first chocolate mint chip was not created until 1973 by Marilyn Ricketts for Princess Anne to Captain Philips at Westminster Abbey. While chocolate is good by itself, the mint makes it a little more refreshing. You’ll find it in ice cream, cakes, cookies, cereal… you name it, you can usually find it.

How to celebrate – Have some chocolate mint. Create your own recipe for a chocolate mint something. Visit Westminster Abbey.