February 13th Get A Different Name Day

Don’t like the name you were given? Well today is the day to change it to something you’d like instead. There are names you have to just wonder why their parents named a child that. One I always think of is a young lady who had to go through life with the name, Mary Juana. I am pretty sure when she grew up she changed it. There was also La’Orange and La’Lemon, a set of twins given their names because that was jello the hospital gave the mother after delivering the babies. So, Wellcat.com has given you this opportunity, not that it really was their right to do that since there is a legal requirement for changing your name, but they have given you the day to do it.

How to celebrate – Think before naming your child. Put initials together so you know what they spell out. If you change your name today I would suggest something like Elon Musk

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