February 25th Pistol Patent Day

Samuel Colt patented his design for the pistol in Europe in 1835 and then in the US in 1836. It is patent #138. The problem is, it isn’t really a pistol, it’s a revolver. The revolver has a cylinder that spins the next bullet in place to be fired, the pistol either automatically feeds the bullet or, as in the older flintlock pistols, fires only one shot. Why does this matter? Well in the long run it really doesn’t, we all know what pistol means, a hand weapon usually for personal protection. But if Samuel Colt really did patent the pistol when it should have been a revolver, then maybe neither patent is actually legal?

How to celebrate – Design your own pistol and try and patent it. Go target practicing. Take a course on learning how to use a pistol.


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