March 30th I Am In Control Day

Have you ever said something and instantly regretted it? Well that is what today is all about. Back in 1981, when President Ronald Reagan was wounded and the Vice President (George W. Bush) was not readily available, Alexander Haig told all not to worry, he was in control. Haig was the Secretary of State at the time and really had no way of taking control but he simply meant he would keep the government together until Bush could be sworn in, if needed. Turns out it wasn’t needed but so many people took exception to Haig’s statement that he had to resign (yep cancel culture was a thing back then too). It was simply one of those moments he should have kept his mouth shut.

How to celebrate – Read about the assassination attempt on on Ronald Reagan’s life. Think about what you say before you say it. Never allow anything you say to be quoted!


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