April 10th Safety Pin Day

Talk about an invention that you don’t really think about until you need it and then it’s often too late. Walter Hunt invented the safety pin because of a debt he needed to pay off. His patent was given April 10th, 1849, #6,281. Shortly after getting the patent, and selling a few safety pins he sold the patent for $400.00 (A nice sum back then), paid off his $15.00 debt and pocketed $385.00 profit. The general idea of the safety pin is to make a repair that can be completed by pinning something together, the problem is the pin can come out is it’s just straight or worse, you can get stuck with it! The safety pin prevents both, an old invention that is just as valuable today as the day it was invented.

How to celebrate – Make sure you have some safety pins. Think of all the different uses you can apply the safety pin to. Keep a safety pin in your wallet just in case.

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