April 14th National Dolphin Day

“We call him Flipper, Flipper, Flipper (But I don’t remember why) There is no doubt if you spend much time at sea or around the shore line you will have had an encounter with a dolphin. They are intelligent creatures, very friendly and train people well how to feed them. Naturally, Flipper was a television show about a dolphin who was like a Rescue 9-1-1 pet of the sea. And dolphins have been known to rescue people from time to time. We do tend to like to cage them up so we can see them better and I am pretty sure they don’t care for that side of humans too much, but still we seem to get along pretty well together.

How to celebrate – Watch old reruns of Flipper. Support Sea World for their efforts to save sea life. Learn how to be friends with an animal instead of owning them.

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