May 17th Pack Rat Day

I am a pack rat, I admit it. I do not do it because I want to, it’s because I think I can possibly use something in the future so I save it. A lot of t his comes from producing theater for years where every time I needed something I remembered getting rid of it just a short time before. So I started looking at stuff differently and saving it if there was a chance I might need it later. Consequently I have tons of stuff I have saved, so much so I don’t even remember what I have and if I do remember it, I have no clue where I put it! So I am a hoarder, I admit it. I am trying to do better and do throw things away now that I have come to realize I will never need.

How to celebrate – Try and determine what you might use again from what you will use again. If you can’t find what you are looking for, you are probably a pack rat. If someone asks you if you have something and you answer you think so, you are probably a pack rat.


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