May 22nd National Pizza Party Day

May 22nd National Pizza Party Day

Always the 3rd Friday in May, today is National Pizza Party Day. I could find no evidence of who created the day but it was probably one of the pizza venders trying to sell more pizzas! It is believed that pizza originated with Alexander the Greats army as they conquered much of the Middle East. Soldiers would take pita bread and place it on their shields in the direct sun. They added oil and herbs, and probably whatever else they had available to make a meal for the march ahead. It was the Italians that turned into what we know today as pizza and nearly everybody in the world loves some sort of pizza. So, in a way, it’s a world wide party day!

How to celebrate – Have a pizza today. Make your own pizza if you are the march to somewhere. Have a pizza sampling party with pizza styles from all over the world.


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