May 26th World Otter Day

Always the last Wednesday in May, World Otter Day has been around since 2014 when the International Otter Survival Fund founded the day to try and make the plight of all 13 species of otters known to man, the main enemy of the otter. Otters, in the wild, live up to 16 years and are one of few animals that actually use “tools” to get their food sources. Otters are not found on the Antarctic or Australia but they do exist everywhere else, but all 13 species are on the Red List of endangered animals. If you live, or build, near water please make sure you are not destroying an otter’s home.

How to celebrate – Read about otters, they do not make good pets so don’t try and capture one. Make sure otters are clear of where you are building. Enjoy otters at your local zoo, they are very active creatures.


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