May 27th Sun Screen Day

Do you use sun screen? You should, your chances of getting skin cancer are tremendously higher if you don’t use sun screen and if you stay out too long in the sun and burn, you’re gonna lose that tan anyway! The recommendation says to use a 15 SPF (Skin Protection Factor) or better. Remember if you get in the water sun screen can wash off as well and just because it may be cold outside does not protect you from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. The worst sunburn I ever had in my life came after climbing a mountain (More walking up it) and the snow reflecting the sun back at me.

How to celebrate – Take the skin warnings properly, abuse them and you may have to cover up the rest of your life! Find out which level sunscreen is the best for you (It’s different for all of us). Watch your children for sun burns, they aren’t going to notice themself if they are burning or not until it’s too late.


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