June 30th Meteor Day

When you star gaze you will often find falling stars, or meteors, entering our atmosphere and burning up. It is a natural, and rather common, sight to see though it does seem to happen more in the winter months than the summer months. Most burn up before they hit the earth but some do get through. The most famous occurred in Siberia in 1908 which cut a path through 40 miles of territory destroying trees, a few buildings and knocking some people out. That happened on June 30th and probably is the reason for today becoming Meteor Day.

How to celebrate – Star gaze tonight. Visit sites where meteors have landed. Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket.


June 29th International Mud Day

Here’s a holiday you don’t often see… but maybe you should. It was created by Gillian McAuliffe while in Nepal for 58 orphaned children who were depressed and lacking in any fun activities. The children were taken out to play in the mud and it changed their attitudes completely. Think about it, even as an adult if we let ourselves go and play in the mud it can be fun! Slipping and sliding, mushing the earth together… dirty, yes… but also fun. Well that goes double for children and it’s really cheap! The day has been sponsored by World Forum since 2009. So, do they let nature make their mud or is it man-made?

How to celebrate – Take the whole family out for a mud day! Take a mud bath, some people pay a lot for it but all you have to do is wait for it to rain! Make sure you have a hose ready for rinsing off.

June 28th Paul Bunyan Day

Paul Bunyan and his pet cow “Babe” are known for roaming the Northern Mid-West and advancing the logging industry particularly during the French Canadian Papineau Rebellion in 1837 where his legend apparently was created. His is one of those stories hand down over the years by word of mouth and not written until many, many changes were added to the original. The Great Lakes were created by Bunyan as water bowls for “Babe”, Bunyan cleared the land in North and South Dakota for farmers, Bunyan trained Carpenter Ants to do logging to save men from the back breaking work and the 10,000 lakes in Michigan were created by “Babe”s” footprints walking across the land. I don’t know, I think I believe all that. Why not?

How to celebrate – Read about Paul Bunyan. Become a lumberjack. Visit the Northern Mid-Western states.

June 27th Sunglasses Day

We all know that people look cooler in sunglasses, well at least the movie stars do. However, it should be remembered that sunglasses also protect our eyes from UV rays and they actually help others too! They help others by letting us see better and not have the sun block our vision like when driving a car or even walking down the street. If the sun is bright enough, we cannot see everything in front of us if the sun is in our eyes. So you can look cool and be safety aware just by wearing sun glasses! Not a bad trade off.

How to celebrate – Get some sunglasses. Make sure you get the right kind of sunglasses for what you need them for. Always look cool!

June 26th National Canoe Day

The Carib Indians, in the Caribbean Ocean, are credited with inventing the first canoe as they traveled from island to island or used them for fishing. The original canoes were probably just tree trunks that were hollowed out but as time passed ways were found to make them lighter and able to accommodate more people. The Carib Indians called them “Kenu” which obviously has been modified over the years to canoe. Today we use them for sport and relaxation but they were tools for survival in the early days. Just like the first canoe, we don’t know the exact origin of this holiday other than apparently it was started in 2007.

How to celebrate – Go canoeing. Get your own canoe. Build your own canoe by hollowing out a tree yourself. (Make it a summer project)

June 25th Log Cabin Day

Early American settlers found building log cabins the best way of providing housing for them selves, and their families, was to cut down trees and assemble them into a log cabin. Nothing fancy, the wood did not need to be turned into planks, just use the whole tree trunk. It provided warmth in the winter and for the most part kept rain and snow out. Today log cabins actually represent the wealthy, people who can afford to put up log cabins to vacation in, often reaching several stories tall with central heat and air. A far cry from the original one room cabins meant to provide shelter until something more permanent could be built. This day was created by Virginia Handy in 1986 as a part of the Bad Axed Historical Society/Log Cabin Society.

How to celebrate – Build your own log cabin. Get some Lincoln Logs. Become a pioneer!

June 24th National Handshake Day

Remember back when we were allowed to shake each others hands? It was greeting similar to bumping elbows! It “Sealed the Deal” and recognized someone else was present, it introduced new friends and made peace with old enemies. In fact, the handshake came because of ones enemies. Believed to date itself back to the early days of Rome, when one confronted someone who once had been an enemy they offered the hand of friendship showing they had no sword, or other weapon, in their hand ready to strike. Today was created by Miryam Roddy sometime around 2005 while working for Brody Professional Development in Jenkintown, Pa.

How to celebrate – Look for pictures of people shaking hands so you can remember what it was like. Learn the new ways to shake hands (By not using hands). Wear rubber gloves so you can shake hands.

June 23rd National Pink Day

Are you feeling in the Pink today? I hope so, that means you are feeling good. I’m not sure where that saying came from, but it means good things are going to happen today so let’s all face being “Pink”. Of course, it also means breast cancer awareness which we all need to be wearing our pink ribbon to support. Pink has always been associated with softness, kindness and spring/summer. It is easy on the yes as a color and lets us keep cool and calm even in heated moments. So, I hope you have pink day today, and all days.

How to celebrate – Wear something pink. Wear the pink ribbon associated with breast cancer awareness. Paint a room in your house or apartment pink.

June 22nd World Rainforest Day

Today we celebrate the rainforests of the world, begun by “The Rainforest Partnership” in Austin, Texas in 2017. Rainforest are important for all sorts of reasons. For humans it provides 20% of thew oxygen we breathe and gets ride of carbon dioxide as it stabilizes climates all over the face of the earth. It is home to half of the plant life found in the world and half of the animals on earth. While we think of rainforests as a tropical environment did you know that their are rainforest as far north as Alaska and Vancouver Island, Canada? In fact the photo in this blog is of Vancouver Island. We are losing our rainforests at an alarming rate to greed when is possible to get the wood we need from other sources and can build our homes in other places.

How to celebrate – Visit a rainforest. Help protect the rainforests. Live and let live.

June 21st National Sea Shell Day

Today is the first day of summer, officially! And with summer comes trips to the beach where you can swim, ski and sun tan… but if you get bored with all that you can also look for and collect sea shells. In fact many people collect sea shells with a variety of shapes sizes and colors. You can spend the whole day roaming the beach looking for shells and shark teeth and other things that wash up from the sea. Today was created by “The Beaches of Ft. Myers and Sanibel (Island)” in 2016.

How to celebrate – Start a sea shell collection. Listen to the sounds of the ocean in a horned sea shell. Go to the beach.