June 4th Old Maid Day

No, we aren’t talking about the card game here, we are talking about all the old maids of the world. In theory, old maids came out somewhere around 1946 after World War 2. So many men were returning from the war that if a gal didn’t find “Mr. Right” they were considered an old maid. It also applied to those women who had waited for their men to come home but never did. Today we think of it as a derogatory term for women but it wasn’t intended that way when it first came out. Of course we all know that women can do just fine without a man, or another woman, in their lives so maybe the only proper place for the term “Old Maid” is in the card game. Alas, another piece of history to be forgotten because we think we know better these days.

How to celebrate – Play a card game of Old Maid. Forget today exists, like most of history we can just pretend like it never was. Go back to bed and forget the day completely.

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