June 29th International Mud Day

Here’s a holiday you don’t often see… but maybe you should. It was created by Gillian McAuliffe while in Nepal for 58 orphaned children who were depressed and lacking in any fun activities. The children were taken out to play in the mud and it changed their attitudes completely. Think about it, even as an adult if we let ourselves go and play in the mud it can be fun! Slipping and sliding, mushing the earth together… dirty, yes… but also fun. Well that goes double for children and it’s really cheap! The day has been sponsored by World Forum since 2009. So, do they let nature make their mud or is it man-made?

How to celebrate – Take the whole family out for a mud day! Take a mud bath, some people pay a lot for it but all you have to do is wait for it to rain! Make sure you have a hose ready for rinsing off.


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