July 2nd World UFO Day

On July 2nd, 1947, something crashed into Mac Brazel’s Ranch in New Mexico. Even today, nobody has any idea what that was. Well, someone knows but they aren’t telling. It was called the Rosewell Incident and Area 51, a military base, was created to “cover up” what now is believed by many to be the first “capture” of a UFO. Are there UFO’s? Well, no doubt because that’s an Unidentified Flying Object and there are many of those things. The Cow that Flew Over the Moon comes to mind, that Frisbee I threw and never came back and maybe there are alien space creatures out there. Or maybe there aren’t… the secret is hidden from us at Rosewell!

How to celebrate – Try to visit Area 51. Watch the sky for UFOs. If you are a alien please just identify yourself so we can get this over with!!!


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