July 26th All Or Nothing Day

If you have anything you want to do, today is the day to “go for it”, give it everything you got! We all try certain things, gamble a little bit on what we can accomplish and what we can’t. Maybe, just maybe, if we actually gave it all of nothing we might get it done instead of falling short. Falling short means we generally did not follow through. For example, when you hit a ball with a bat you don’t stop the swing when you first make contact, you swing all the way through the ball. Stopping with drop the ball at your feet, swinging through may send it over the wall. That works with everything, so “Go for it” it today and don;t let anything stop you from getting what you want.

How to celebrate – Excel at whatever you are doing. Try something you were too afraid to try before. Give something your all instead of settling for another failure.


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