August 13th National Kool-Aid Day

During the Great Depression Edwin Perkins created Kool-Aid in his mother’s kitchen, 1927. Originally it was sold with water and sugar already added but since shipping was too expensive, he reduced it to the powder form only and history was made. His drink was even included in the GI’s food rations during World War 2, minus the sugar of course. Kool-Aid was eventually produced by Kraft foods who did make a package available that included the sugar for the ease of making it. Always a kids favorite, Kool-Aid day was started in 2017, it is believed by the Kraft Food Company but there has never been any conformation of this.

How to celebrate – Make some Kool-Aid today. Add some gingerale to the Kool-Aid to give it a little bite. Watch old Kool-Aid commercials on you tune.


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