September 30th National Mud Pack Day

For years the craze was to get mud packs to cleanse your skin of all the oils that create blemishes and there are those that still believe it helps. Of course, it needs to be clean mud which is a bit redundant! It does, however, work well on bee and wasp stings until you can get somewhere to properly treat the sting. It is also fun for wrestling and making something already difficult to do, more difficult to do. But we can celebrate today for all it is worth and wonder just how much money was actually made selling clean mud packs!

How to celebrate – Try a mud pack. Go play in the mud. Create your own clean mud puddle.


September 29th Confucius Day

Confucius, China’s greatest philosopher, was born on October 18th, 551 BC. What that has to do with September 29th, no one knows but I guess that would be missing the point. Confucius had 499 sayings the world remembers him for. Why not 500? There are those that say Confucius was only playing with people when he gave his quotes, I doubt we will every know. There are so many mysteries concerning Confucius, in fact, there are those that doubt he even was a real person. We probably won’t ever really know that for sure either.

How to celebrate – Read about Confucius. Discover all 499 sayings. Visit China.

September 28th Ask A Stupid Question Day

This day was created by teachers in the 1980’s because they were asked so many stupid questions. The idea was to gather all the stupid questions into one day so that they could give back stupid answers without feeling guilty. But if you think about it, a stupid question is generally not something one plans. Or as Forest Gump said, “Stupid is as stupid does”. Even smart people occasionally ask stupid questions. So which is more stupid, asking a stupid question or planning a day for stupid questions?

How to celebrate – Save up your stupid questions for today. You are permitted to give a stupid answer, but only today. Stop and ask for directions to someplace stupid, like Sesame Street.

September 27th Crush A Can Day

SO, if you have finished with what’s inside that can, it’s the day to crush them! They are going to end up that way anyway so why not. They take up a lot less room, are easier to transport and it is more environmentally acceptable. Beyond that, and the demonstration of your superior strength, I can’t think of a single reason why you would want to crush a can. I also cannot think of a single reason we should celebrate this day other than the afore mentioned reasons. Ah well, mine is not to reason why…

How to celebrate – Duh, crush a can! Plan on crushing a lot of cans and take them to a recycling dump. Stop buying things in cans so you don’t have to crush them.

September 26th Johnny Appleseed Day

John Chapman was born September 26th, 1774. He began building a network of apple orchards in New York and Pennsylvania, eventually moving west to Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Illinois. Some say he was a champion of man, very religious and a friend to every animal he met. Others say he built a network of orchards that he came back and claimed later taking land away from farmers he had helped to plant orchards. There is probably some element of truth to both legends but either way, he was responsible for an apple boom in America in the early 1800’s that is well remembered over 200 years later.

How to celebrate – Have an apple. Read about Johnny Appleseed. Wear a frying pan for a hat.

September 25th International Rabbit Day

Those cute little bunnies that hop everywhere they go, including into gardens and then destroy every plant you have growing. Well, they are cute, and cuddly and the third most popular pet in the world. It really is hard to find fault with any animal who goes about living their lives as they were intended to live them. This holiday apparently began in the UK as “Rabbit Charity” Day, assuming because farmers were charitable to them at least this one day in the year and to remind people that the bunny is not just for Easter. Rabbits generally live around 9 years and are capable of moving at 25 mph.

How to celebrate – Learn about the 50 breeds of rabbits. (I would have thought there were more) Learn how the rabbit became a part of Easter. Get a rabbit as a pet. (But be ready to clean up after it)

September 25th World Dream Day

So today is not totally about sleeping… well part of it may be, as most creative people come up with their best ideas while sleeping. But today is actually in the dreams of hope and goals. It was created to make our world a better place by emphasizing – dream big, reach for the stars!!!! and make those dreams a reality….Ok now go back to sleep so you can dream up some wonderful ideas 🙂

How to celebrate: Don’t ever give up. Don’t let ANYONE tell you it can’t be done. Write down your dream and tape it on your mirror or bedpost and look at and believe in it every day!

September 24th Native American Day

There is no doubt that the Native American was abused in this country. Though nearly every native in any country anywhere in the world at one time or another was abused by those who conquered them. What maybe makes it worse in the United States is that for the most part they were a peaceful people that bothered no one, with exception of course, that were pushed aside and pushed aside until there was no place left to go. This celebration falls on the 4th Friday of September and was begun in 1939 by then Governor of California Culbert Olsen. It was made Official in 1968 by then California Governor Ronald Reagan.

How to celebrate – Learn more about the over 574 tribes that populated North America. Visit a Native American Pow-Wow. See if you have any Native American in your heritage.

September 24th Save the Koala Day

Created by the Australian Koala Foundation, the Month of September is Save the Koala month, with specifically the 24th as Save the Koala Day. This month is to raise awareness and funds for these cute cuddly creatures. You can do just about anything to raise miney for them, but more specifically you can support them 3 different ways on their site: by “adopting” a koala, donate to planting a tree, or donate to help with the Koala Habitat Atlas and furthering the AKF’s goal of creating the Koala Protection Act. Currently the greatest threat to Koalas is habitat loss. All 3 of the ways of supporting them above will directly help with diminishing this threat.

How to celebrate: Support the AKF. Read more about Koalas on their website. Look for Koalas on the AFK’s Koala Map.

September 23rd Checkers Day and Dogs in Politics Day

This is an interesting day sort of serving double duty. In 1952 Richard Nixon, running as Vice-President candidate with Dwight Eisenhower, was accused of taking a part of an $18,000 dollar political donation for his own use. In a speech on September 23rd, 1952, he explained how his daughters were given a gift of “Checkers” the dog that might appear as personal use of funds but was not. Sort of like “My dog ate my homework”. I seriously doubt that there was an misuse of funds here but who knows, one way or the other, Nixon ended up in the doghouse…err, White House.

How to celebrate – Read about “Checkers” the dog. Find out all the dogs kept in the White House by Presidents. Come up with new excuses of what the “dog” did to mess up something.