September Happy Cat Month

Okay, so for all you cat lovers this month is the month you can put them up on a pedestal for a reason, it’s Happy Cat Month. Forget International Cat Day…. this month your furbabies are kings or queens for the ENTIRE MONTH! There are over 500 million domesticated cats in the world (most of which I think are in our home) with 71 breeds known to man, and probably a few that aren’t. The domesticated cat is still 96% tiger, which explains why they can turn on you in an instant. But regardless of the few knicks here and there (including biscuits on our arms, legs, and bellies), they will always be our “loving” king of beasts.

How to celebrate – Get a cat (if you don’t already have one). Learn about the 71 breeds. See is a tiger in the wild will play with your ball of yarn.


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