September 3rd Skyscraper Day

The first ever skyscraper was the Home Insurance Company’s 10 story building in Chicago completed in 1885. That is a far cry from the latest skyscraper height of 163 Floor Burj Khalifa in Dubai built in 2010. It is 2,717 feet tall. Why do we need such tall buildings? Well in places like Chicago and New York City when land began to run out to build across, the only way to go was up. Now, it’s a contest of sorts to see who can get the tallest building in the world which while an accomplishment, I am not sure makes any of us all that better off.

How to celebrate – Go to Dubai. Go to Chicago, the building isn’t there anymore but who cares. See how tall you can build a skyscraper made out of Popsicle sticks.


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