September 10th Swap Ideas Day

Remember when you use to get together and swap ideas with friends and co-workers? Okay, so maybe you never did but the idea is to try and swap ideas with people to find ways to benefit mankind. The idea (Pun intended) was created by Robert L. Birch in 2015, the owner of Pun Corp. Maybe he meant it as a pun, or for real, problem is… we may never know. We should try to think up new ways to help humanity, humanity needs a lot of help. Swapping ideas can work, but only if those ideas are put into practice… which when we are done sharing them we generally feel good about and leave it there. Try implementing them as well.

How to celebrate – Put a think tank group together. See how you can change the world instead of waiting for someone else to do it. Jot down any ideas you get and then revisit them to see if they can actually work or not.

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