September 18th National Big Whopper Liar Day

I caught a fish…… THIS BIGGGGGGGGG!!!!! Lying is one of the worst things one person can do to another, or even to themselves! We do it all the time, sometimes without meaning to or even thinking about it. We tend to offer up little white lies nearly every day. Like, “Do I look okay in this outfit?” and we answer “Sure!” when we really think they would look better wearing anything else. Or, “Do you like this perfume?” and we say “It’s really nice” when we want to say, “It’s really nice if you live in a barn!” But we don’t want to hurt our friends or loved ones so we lie.

If our noses grew like Pinocchio’s did when he lied we’d all have a portion of our anatomy arriving in a room a good fifteen minutes before the rest of us got there. But that’s not what today is all about. It’s a day to celebrate the big whopper lie. You know, like the ten thousand pound fish we caught one day but it got away when a fly snapped the line. Or maybe it’s like…

Well, maybe we could consider his lies white lies as well, after all he didn’t want to upset an entire country! I guess if Hillary let it go so should the rest of us. After all, we expect our political leaders to lie to us. We would be shocked if they didn’t! In fact, when was the last time you actually believed someone running for any office?

The Big Whopping Liar Day has been celebrated since 1988, founded by Aubry Robison Jr., if that was really their name, and is a part of the German Kunstfest in New Harmony, Indiana. It always falls on the third Saturday of September, which happens to be September 18th this year.

But there is one type of liar that we could probably not live without. Liars like Stephen King, who give us a world of fiction that we read, watch and can’t wait for the next time they will be lying to us. After all, most fiction writers start off with a lie (there is always some truth in every lie offered). Most books, movies, plays and even some artwork is based on lies. So maybe all big whopper lies aren’t bad after all.

How to celebrate – Mark down every lie you tell today, keep track and see how many you offer up. Keep track of every lie you think you hear today. Compare notes, see if you lie more, or are lied too more. Try writing a piece of fiction, you can lie all you want there!


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